“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” Walter Landor


Each and every one of us connects certain associations, expectations and also clichés with brands.

The logo is often the first connection to the brand. If you describe an electronics brand with the term apple, many of us know that you probably mean Apple. One of the greatest logo designer was Walter Landor, he created the Coca Cola typing, the Malboro and Levis logo as well as the logo for Kelloggs, Sprite, FedEx any many more.

Next to logos the name of the company could be a brand itself. Deonym is the technical term and examples are Jeep, Coke, Zippo, Tempo, Sprinter or Kärcher. This usually varies depending on the region.

Either you recognise the brand by the name or the logo, but in any case the person using the brand wants to express something with it. Why does someone drive a Porsche? Why do you use an iPhone? Many people will often answer these questions with emotional responses such as I like the design, the colours or the feel, etc.

We like to surround ourselves with things that give us pleasure and yes, for some it is also a kind of status or a goal that they want to achieve. But most people are happy about the brands they use and are proud to be able to afford them.

Joy and pride are our motivation to offer you a selection of great and high-quality products here at collect brands. Even if you can't always afford the brand you like, we try to bring joy and pride to our customers through our products, selections and news.

We start with the automotive industry, where our founder has been working for more than 20 years and has also studied this sector.

Within and outside the automotive sector, we will continuously expand our range of brands from Selection to Selection.
In addition to several automotive themes, we will also add the construction sector as a new industry in 2024.
In 2025, we will expand the sectors to include the tool sector and sports teams.

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